1,000 Pardons From The Bottom Of My Heart

My darling girl,

From the first moment our eyes met, we made a connection. Your eyes demanded I take you home. Your mews echoed your desperation. I fell in love with you and took you home.

At home, there was another love that I gave birth to. You did not get along. He was young and careless and you became tense and defensive in his presence. After years of trying to show you both that you can be friends I saw that it was not meant to be.

I had been thinking that my son was just not a cat person. I thought everything would improve as he got older and you saw that he was not the careless, hurtful boy he once was. I thought wrong.

As I saw my son befriend another’s cat; saw the bond they shared and my son’s joy in its antics, I knew a change was needed.

I had a choice to make. I am so sorry I had to break the connection we made. The sadness in your eyes when I left you with someone else is something I will never forget.

I would make the same choice again given the same circumstances, but from the bottom of my heart I regret having to make that choice.

I hope your new home environment is as loving as I anticipated when I selected it for you and that you have someone who loves and cherishes you always.

From your darling girl.

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